Case studies


Vincenzo Caputo, an longstanding nuts retailer in the Vesuvio area, has introduced the foodpassport® in his peanuts’ supply chain. His company sells healthy and tasty products and has chosen the foodpassport® to guarantee the quality and safety of its supply chain to its customers.

Dairy industry

From Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO to Tuscan Pecorino PDO, the dairy supply chain is the most penalized by counterfeiting and food frauds. Thanks to the foodpassport® all the production phases of the best Italian agri-food products can be traced.


For raw material suppliers of wheat, used to produce pasta and bread, guaranteeing the supply chain transparency at every step is fundamental. From supplying the raw materials and production batches, to transportation and to custom controls, the foodpassport® ensures consistency, safety and reliability of the entire wheat supply chain.

Extra virgin olive oil

As a Made in Italy icon, extra virgin olive oil requires careful controls and constant and reliable supervision along the entire supply chain. From microbiological analysis to organoleptic properties, the original characteristics of the Italian EVO are traced and certified by means of the foodpassport®, ensuring its supply chain’s full transparency and reliability to consumers.


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