Innovative technologies

At the service of traceability for food safety

IoT & Sensors

To sample, standardize and characterize a product

By using innovative sensors in agriculture, aquaculture and zootechnics, FBdev® acquires data and useful information which, combined with a product’s sampling, standardizing and characterization, certifies its origin and guarantees maximum safety and quality from the origin of production to consumption.

Origin traceability

To determine the unique and unequivocal origin of products

By creating an organic-matrix Bio Finger Print (BFP) for each product and storing such information in a database distributed through the blockchain paradigm, BluDev® traces events, objects and information related to the product or its batch along the entire supply chain and during its entire life cycle.

Farzati Biochain

To distribute, guarantee, trace and track the products’ origin

Used together with BluDev® and FBdev®, the FBChain® blockchain technology can distribute, guarantee, trace and track the origin of products/batches. It can certify the source of the traced product, moving up the information chain, starting from the biochemical analysis of the products’ elements and ending with tracking the quality certifications.


To validate and certify traceability information of agri-food products in blockchain

The first food passport which guarantees the supply chain quality, collecting all the elements related to a product in a single platform. foodpassport® integrates the main agri-food quality indicators such as PDO, PGI, TSG, and organic. It is also certified by the Italian Department of Agri-food Quality, a third-party body certifying products and production regulations.

Blockchain information for agri-food product traceability