An integrated technology system to go beyond traceability

foodpassport® was born to create and manage information on the certain origin of organic elements, to be stored and made available in all phases of a product’s life cycle.

Its objective is to guarantee agri-food products’ highest traceability standards, in a transparent and safe way, for all stakeholders in the supply chain.


The FBdev® acquires information on the origin, type and characteristics of a product through a physicochemical sampling process, without using solvents and/or chemicals or altering the product itself. This technology can sample all kinds of organic elements in a product and trace their origin, regardless of the changes it goes through along the supply chain.


The BluDev® creates a Bio Fingerprint of the organic element, a unique identifier which recognizes and manages all the information related to the product. The information is stored in a distributed database, which can preserve its integrity along the product’s entire life cycle, from production and transportation, to marketing in Italy and worldwide.


FBChain® files the Bio Fingerprint and all information related to the product, by storing and tracing it safely and by leveraging on the blockchain standards (distribution, security, and immutability). It is the first 100% DNA compliant blockchain in the food sector, which incorporates the original Food Finger Print protocol, born from the joint research program of Farzati Tech and the Department of Computer Engineering at Università di Salerno DIEM.

A new approach to traceabilityin agri-food supply chains

How does it work?

The FBdev® acquires a product’s basic information through a sampling process, generating a complex molecular matrix: this is the information basis to create the Bio Fingerprint through the BluDev® system.

Once the BluDev® has acquired the information, it returns two kinds of responses: a) presence/absence of a single element and its quantification from a reference monitoring (certified standard); b) creation of a unique profile, the Bio Fingerprint, which guarantees the product’s uniqueness

The information is stored in the blockchain thanks to FBChain®, which incorporates the Food Fingerprint (FFP) original protocol and integrates with other national and/or international certification systems and international regulations on food safety, such as FDA, USDA Organic, CE, etc

The Foodpassport® brand and label are placed on the products’ packaging. In this way all stakeholders in the supply chain – producers, retailers, consumers – can read the information on the product’s life cycle by accessing the blockchain database and scanning a QR Code via mobile app.

Certifications and integrity to defend the Made in Italy

Thank to its open and flexible structure, the FBChain® can collect data on agri-food products’ main quality and typing certifications, such as PGI, PDO, Organic Bio and many more. This ensures the safety, quality and reliability of an original Made in Italy product.

The BluDev® technology and the foodpassport ® have been certified by the Italian Department of Agri-food Quality. Thanks to a 100% digital certification process, the foodpassport ® can guarantee the origin, typing, characterization and traceability of agri-food products by means of track and trace tools, which are 100% reliable and approved by a third party.