Farzati Tech is an innovative Italian start-up that operates in the health and food traceability sector.

Farzati Tech has a project, that of redesigning the food supply chain, bringing innovation to security and information management, ensuring that everyone involved in the value chain has product certainty, starting from the origin and not from the document .

Today everyone talks about blockchain as a solution to various problems, in part it is so, blockchain is a valid solution to solve several problems in many contests, but it is not enough.

The challenge is to create the source of the information needed to create the first link in the chain, this ring is the origin of the product!

We have the system to do this, this system is called BLUTECH.

BLUTECH, is able to create a bio-imprint for each product and stores this information in a distributed database exploiting the potential of the blockchain.

With this process we can keep track of all the things and information attached to the product, throughout the supply chain and its life cycle.

BLUTECH is an IT architecture present from the origin of the product to the table.

It consists of a series of integrated and interconnected applications supported by ad hoc developed devices to allow monitoring, traceability management and product qualification.

Furthermore, our devices interact with new intelligent containers, which have been included in the process to eliminate polystyrene containers, which are normally dispersed in nature.

These containers are completely reusable through a cleaning process.

Blutech is a multilevel platform and for each level guarantees that every information generated in it is: unique and unmistakably original, inviolable and protected by the blockchain architecture.

Next to Blutech we have created a project called “WECA” which means we are interested.

At Farzati Tech we take care to guarantee maximum safety in the food supply chain, introducing self-protection systems as blockchains to guarantee the reliable and immutable origin of the product along the entire supply chain.

We want to guarantee maximum security in the exchange of information and make it unambiguous and immutable.


We want to guarantee the immediate traceability of a lot and in case of alarms, allow a rapid intervention to guarantee transparency to the final consumer and save the brand.

At Farzati Tech we take care to guarantee eco-sustainability by eliminating polystyrene, hazardous materials, plastic and reducing the use of paper.

At Farzati Tech we take care to ensure maximum transparency to consumers and operators through B2B and B2C applications that allow us to verify, track and monitor the product during its life cycle using the circular economy by allocating waste products to other markets, such as food for pets or pharmaceutical products.